Today as I was talking texting the title “Walk like an Egyptian” and it auto corrected to “Walk like an erection.” I couldn’t stop laughing in the Safeway parking lot. It was 630 in the morning, and maybe it’s because I only slept 5 hours or that I had just worked out but it was funny…really funny. 

So my question for you today was what is something recently that has made you really made you laugh.

“When my son heard the theme song for Sofia the First on Disney and said “this song is just hateful.” -Nicole

“Reconnecting with some old high school friends- we had an Unbreakable bond. We laughed until we cried. Dorkie selfies, old pictures, funny stories. My heart is full.” -Amanda 

“A tortoise named Voldetort. Silly, but I still chuckle thinking about it.” -Dan 

“Playing catch phrase with Curly,l was the funniest thing I’ve done in a long time.” -Dyp (ps I totally agree, it was hilarious) 

“Climbing this slide was the funniest thing this week. Both doing it AND ridiculous I looked doing it.”  – Barbara

“My kids put the vine “I want a nap” as my ringtone. I get a giant smile and laugh every time they call.” -Mary 

“Myself, I am always laughing at the ridiculous things I think and do. This week has been quite the giggle fest.” -April 

“This Ride!!!!!” -Carol

“I saw a lady run into a curb at the drive through at Starbucks and I was like LOLOLOLOLOL!” Nate (joyful mysteries note: for the record it was barely a curb and it wasn’t THAT funny. Whatever.) 

“Watching my son…watch his son…sniffing a broom handle magical act…you have to see it to believe it.” -Joan 

“The cutest kid in the world- doing this and laughing hysterically for the past 20 minutes.” Kari
Someday’s it’s hard to find joy in the nitty gritty routine of life, but if we look up and look around there are so many hilarious things that are right there. Sometimes that’s what we need to remember that life may not be easy, but laughter helps. A lot. Sometimes we have to try something new, or do something we wouldn’t have hesitated to do when we were kids. Maybe that means we laugh at ourselves, and maybe it’s the kind of joy that jumps in and surprises us- as we laugh out loud and slump against our car in a parking lot laughing like a 12 year old kid- who doesn’t care what the joke was, they just knows it is damn funny. 

Joy is a gift. It’s Wednesday…go find some.