I used to try to impress my siblings. I’d swing as high as I could, I’d learn all the harmonies so my sister would let me be in her basement production of Annie. She always starred in it…as Annie. I came to every rehearsal. And my brother playing “Daddy Warbucks” never ever showed when my parents came to watch. 

When school started I would try to impress my friends. Since I never had the right jelly shoes, and no one cared to know how well I could sing- I would tell outlandish tales…In hopes to impress anyone. That didn’t work. I would make neighborhood plays and write them. And to this day I still remember my “Straight Up” Paula Abdul dance routine. 

I was never good at impressing boys. I’m too much of a dork, I was never pretty enough- but I tried for way too long. Some of my best friends were boys and I know still to this day they’d drop things to help me, and one day I realized they liked the real me. So I cut off all my hair and dyed it red from a box, and wore my bag first jeans and vans, with my AC/DC shirt…and met the man of my dreams. 

I tried to impress the “Holy” People, but found out they were normal people, so they became my friends.  Then I tried to impress the preschool moms and realized the ones worth talking too were just like me and were trying to drop off quickly so they could shower by themselves, or finish their coffee. There was always one of two “complaining Moms” and I still avoid them and don’t care what they think of me. 

Then I was a Mom of two, then three, then four and I didn’t have time to impress. 

But then I had Grace. And she has always thought everything about me is fabulous but I know, because she tells me, that I should dress more “fancily” and always wear heels and way more glitter. 

But today I impressed her…I got a little pink streak in my hair…something she’s been asking me for years to do. And while I didn’t got totally pink like she asked- I did a little, and she screamed a lot, and giggled, and asked if she could call her friend Georgia and tell her. 

It may be silly, but my Grace is my favorite person to impress. Because she’s not  a critic- she’s a liver. She lives big and Loves when others do too. And as much as she loves the stage when she believes in you, she’s your biggest fan. 

She makes me sparkle brighter…and she makes life sparkle.  What a gift to be that sort of person. 

What a gift my Grace is.  My little pink firecracker.