I asked you to share what song was stuck in your head…I want to apologize for not typing all of them up. My day has been busy, and I haven’t had enough time with my kids…so this post is what it is. 


“Uptown Funk you Up, Up town Funk you Up.” Alleluia.

“My God is Mighty to Save, He is Mighty to Save. Forever, Author of Salvation…” 

I’d like to say I have had an amazing song running through my head- one I actually enjoy, but instead I have had the freaking Hannah Montana theme song for the past three days in my head every morning. So to offset that nightmare today one of my members gave me this necklace…she was the moderator the national Bigfoot convention and knows I am a believer in Mr. Sasquatch. So my view was pretty awesome. 


Haters are gonna Hate…but someday I’ll be able to say “I told you so…so hard.” 

Happy Wednesday. God is good. 

Big Foot Lives. 

May you find a song you like. Anything is better than Hannah Montana’s… best of both worlds. I’m heading back to the best of mine- to giggling Monopoly Players.