Today I wore shorts. I never ever wear shorts. 

In the last few month some of the “real” women I know have truly stepped up. And they are amazing. 

At first I just thought it was because they wanted to make me feel better in my realness. 

Because for years- we’ve been told by society, and by glossy pages that the humanness of us is something we don’t and can’t talk about. 

It’s why we have closets of clothes we don’t wear, and we put on the same black shirt over and over, with a pair of yoga pants- or capri’s. Or why we judge people that are different…or don’t want to know their stories- because you know, that might be “uncomfortable.” We are so freakin busy being judgemental to love the real human. 

The real. The real is the new cool. The real is coming back…I can feel it in my bones- and it makes my heart bounce. Because it’s the most beautiful thing to rejoice in our humanness and just be real. Not perfect. 

Brave. Nerve. Grit. Courage. Pluck. 

You are the women who swim with their kids with a scar across your back and stretch marks on their legs- and jump around. Because your hips don’t lie, and you’re still Jenny from the Block. 

Who finish coaching your girls softball game in 95 degree weather, and compare boob sweat through your shirt with mine.

Who text me that you want a thigh gap not because of beauty but because you are sick of your thighs chafing with running. 

Who text me when you’re pooping. And tell me you’re pooping. 

Because we are all human. 

And when we embrace our Humanness…we can celebrate the Real Stuff we Overcome. 

You are the women who choose sobriety, who recover from eating disorders, who give up a life of imprisonment to be mothers, counselors, livers. 

Who mourn your spouse, or your child, and still believe In God. You have to redefine an entire life you have built. In grief, you live- In love, you live. You keep getting dressed. 

You are the women he walked out on, and who fight for happiness. Who had to walk away. Who never stopped believing in the power of Love, because Huey Lewis was right…is a curious thing. But it’s beautiful too. 

Who are cancer survivors. Who live with invisible diseases everyday. Who fight. Fight to stay alive. Fight to keep life moving around them. Fight to still wear lipstick. 

You step up. Everyday. 

And you inspire me. 

Today I wore shorts. The first shorts I’ve worn in years. I wore them to a baseball game. I didn’t cover up. I wore them with my lightening bolt veins and my wobbly bits and my baseball tan lines…because of you…overcomers.

You are the brave real ones. You are brave on the real days. You are brave from the inside out. 

So Thank You.