“I love hearing the Sprinkler from my Deck.” 

This is…

What you love about summer! I love all your responses…

Turning off the Alarm.

Days with Kids. 

Playing in the Water; pool, beach sprinklers. And cold drinks. 

 “My view today, trying to focus on what I have, instead of what I don’t.”  

Quiet time in the early morning or evening, out on the deck. 

Free Evenings. 

Dinner by the Pool. Fires by the beach. 

 “Extra time with these guys.” 

Cutting flowers from the yard.

The absence of homework. 


Sunshine!!! Vitamin D. 

 “Taking the kids out to the water with our boat.” 




Unscheduled days with long relaxing easy fun. 

 “Road Trippin’ with my awesome crew.”  

Tonight as I set on my deck I decided I won’t add anything except…I am grateful for this season. I’m grateful for right now. 

It’s not perfect. But it’s here. 

And I’m grateful for the gift to be right here. 

Every day is a gift. 

Every season is a gift. 

❤️ this season. I love summer. 

Ps. Dana and I didn’t plan on our sandals summer picture in our back yards…but I thought it added a little something extra.