I wish I could wear shorts. I don’t own any except for a pair I bought in 1998 from the gap. They are worn and torn, but they fit mostly. 

My goal this summer is to wear shorts even though I’ve got veins for days and lumpy legs. And really who has time to shave? 

So today was another filled day. 

90+ degree weather…left at 10 am, home at 9pm…not joking. 

I couldn’t find my shorts. I wore a dress to church.  I wore my half shaved legs, no shape wear, my sunburn from Friday, and probably water retention.

No one seemed to notice that I had sweat pooling everywhere. 

I went to church. I watched my son play amazing baseball. I saw people that love me. 

Who don’t care that I’m lumpy. Or that I got more sunburned. Because apparently my sunscreen is crap. 

But my goal is to find a pair of shorts that leave something to the imagination. 

No one asked if I was pregnant.

It was a pretty good day. 

Today officially ends the boys baseball season. 

Jonah’s team took third in the league. 

So did Micah’s. 

Daniel’s tied for First.

Now we only have one child playing. My kids played with their best friends- and had the time of their lives. Their friends love them whether they win or lose and that’s a gift. I have that too…I know that. 

I love my kids. I love my friends. I love baseball. I love not wearing shape wear. 

These are the Days. 

Jonah and his Best Friend Aidan. 


Micah and his best friend Griffin and some super fan behind them. 


Ryan and Daniel, friends for 6 years- like brothers. 

League Champions!!! (Daniel in front) 

Some people take pictures on vacation, I take pictures at baseball games.