“I’d rather be remembered by a song than by  a victory.” -Alexander Smith 
To those who lived, and lost. 
To those who loved, and fought wars so we could live in a country where we can drive to a church we choose, and complain about the government openly, and have kids and give them dreams. 

To those, who never got to be welcomed home, or to see their children grow. 

I remember you. 

You are the reason our country is great. You are. Thank you. 

And to your families- my love and prayers go to you today.  

And to my two heroes Louis Zamperini- who passed away this past August. And Cardinal Francis George who passed in April. You amazing and good fighters of freedom and livers of life are remembered today with great love and respect and honor from me. I have a big kiss for you both when I get to Heaven. 

I am grateful. I remember.