“Surprise Me.” -Bob Hope(his last words) 

 Today may be my favorite Wednesday yet…I cannot even began to tell you how amazing your real is…how different…how you. 

Thank you for offering a small glimpse of your Wednesday unfiltered. I am so grateful to have you in this Revolution with me. 

Every week you bless me. You surprise me. 


“My real is to keep it real!”  

  “My real is coffee. It’s ok to hug and love your coffee when no one is watching.” 


“The best gifts are the simple ones! Stopped to see a friend today to hug and tell her I loved her. BIG surprise was that she brought me this rosary back from Jerusalem. Wow! Thank you Lord for speaking to me and for ears to listen to your call!” 


“Avoiding Taxes.” 


 “No sleep all night. Late for dentist appointment. Boss is blowing up my email on a case I need to follow up on. Oh, and a federal audit I need to prepare for…”


“Tired but thankful.” 


 “I’m so tired, down, and have a lot on my mind.” 


 “I feel totally unqualified to do the things I have to get done today. Also there are no clean spoons in my house.” 


 “Crying. All. The. Time. (The kids…not me, but Lord knows I feel like it) 


“Frizzy hair, and a six year old who thinks she runs the house. Rough Morning.” 



“Trying to be productive.(aka: stay awake, work my business, get off my butt, the dishes, laundry, and dirty bathroom await.) while I help this sweet little man feel better. 


“This is what my house and brain look like. Guaranteed. All the time.” 



“Painting…where to start…so much to do…being a landlord. Hope that Dutch Bros. helps.” 


“I am the mom of a boyscout which means I’m spending the day getting high on water proofing spray fumes.”  

“Getting lots of stuff done for once, but it’s taking Cheetos and Diet Coke to get me through.”  


 I am tired. But I am good. 

Your stories make me feel less awkward about hugging my coffee, less exposed on my hard days, hopeful about all the ways I’m not adding up -but are what makes me who I am. 

We all have good.

We all have bad. 

We all have beautiful and hard.

But Real is special. It’s us. Unfiltered. 

That is a gift. 

Because I have known great love, and great sorrow. I have lived through grief and know what hope feels like…

I am praying with all of you today…in Hope. 

It is an absolute gift. God continually surprises me. 

Hope Never Disappoints. -Romans 5:5 

*today’s post is dedicated to my Great Uncle Daniel Francis Driscoll…whose life was celebrated today in Montana. Thank you for your smile, your kindness, and so many memories of 4th of July. See you in Heaven. I’m so thankful my son Daniel Francis shares your name.