Today took a turn…things went a little different…and we’re all doing a little time. 

I have an irrational fear of going to jail. Of getting mugshots. So today our selfies brought on a different angle after  my good friend sent me a hilarious picture of her “fake mugshot…” And there went our Wednesday. 

No filters. The cuffs are off. And we are not perfect. But we have fun. 

And I may have taken some creative liberties with these…


Crime: impersonating “blue steel” a little too well. 


Crime: not being “Relevant” enough. 


Crime: uncontrollable laughter, that turns into falling on the floor laughter, which turns into its been four hours and she’s still laughing…


Crime: quick wit, quicker thoughts, and some crazy inventive cussing, and always willing to Shake it Off. 


Crime: she has a broken yes. And yes, she’s always up for it. And yes, we take advantage of that. 


Crime: stuck in the 80’s wannabe Saint who says shit a lot, laughing when people use the word “duty,” and wearing yoga pants inside out and backwards and not noticing it. 

Happy Wednesday…you may think it’s a crime but your imperfections are why I love you…no Filters. Just you.