My Mom said I had to blog this. And she’s my Mom so I will share…this is my real. 

Proud Parenting Moment 100,000,000

My 6 year old was talking to a friends son and one of them brought up a small picture Grace has of Justin Beiber who she has always called Baby O. And until recently loved…

So my beautiful little daughter said to my friends son…”he used to be a good guy but now he’s  just a son of a bitch. Do you know what that is? Because I’d kind of like to know.”

I could tell you she was actually saying “son of a beach…”which was a bad joke her teenage brother told us the week before at the coast and she saw the laughter he got from his Dad and brothers. 

I could tell you that her punishment was long(which it was) and she apologized(which she did).  

But it is what it is. My daughter…

Still doesn’t know the meaning of what she said, but last night I did say an out loud apology to Baby O’s mom because I’m sure she’s a wonderful person. And I also prayed for Mr. Justin Beiber…turn it around dude. For the children. 

The children with potty mouths. And a side of sass. Who wears her Moms sunglasses and boots.

Who swears to figure out what words mean…


One Mom. 

Who gets it right sometimes. But clearly not all the time.