I’m tied in knots right now. 

Full of anxiety and worry. And I’m working really hard on letting go.

Let it go. If Elsa can do it, I can. 

I have to let go of things that are completely out of my control. 

And I have to trust that things will be okay. 

But the knots are tight. 

Because I don’t know…

It’s hard when we are on the outside of a situation but can be affected so incredibly by it. 

I’m not good at the not knowing. So I pray, and hope I somehow God can untangle my words, and hear me. 

There are a lot bigger problems in the world than mine, so I’ll let him untangle theirs first… But I will pray. 

We all have knots. 

Today I pray for our freedom from whatever is holding us back, tying us down…

Keeping us from trusting. 

From living. 

Knots. Sigh. Please Jesus.  


Untangle this worry and anxiety. Bring clarity. 

And peace.