Today is a tricky day for many people I love, and it’s not because it’s April Fools Day. 

Because today resembles an Anniversary for a dear friend and her family. A day many are still shaken by from the loss of a Husband, Father, Son, and Friend. A loss that has layers and layers of grief and sadness. 

My friend, my dear friend, is strong, yes, but she’s also given so much to others in her grief. One of the ways is by not letting her grief turn her bitter. Instead She has leaned, and reached out, and allowed others to love her family. To love her. But she has also led others to believe in someone greater, to remember, and to be strong in your brokenness. She is real. And beautiful. And wicked Funny. There are no Filters to our friendship. 

Her faith is crazy strong. 

She can text me praise lyrics, but swear me under the table. 

I. Love. Her. 

Today I asked that people send me their favorite quotes.

I couldn’t just pick one. Sorry. 

“The Truth will set you Free. But First it will Piss you off.” – Gloria Steinman 

“God has not called me to be successful, but to be faithful.” -blessed Mother Teresa 

“They don’t know that we know, that they know…” -Phoebe 


Today, I wear plaid for my girls…


“Love All, Trust a Few, Do wrong to None.” -William Shakespeare 


“One person who cares, inspires everyone around them to care.” -Jon Gordon (The Carpenter) 


“All addictions are ultimately the discord of worship.” – Lisa Harper

Today on No Filter Wednesday I pray that we can all be a little more like my friend who Remembers the Good, Shows Bravery Through the Bad, and Loves through it All.

Each one of us in our lives will be given an ALL life altering event. 

It will change us. It will threaten to destroy us. 

This ALL is not what we asked for, it’s not what we prayed for…none of us understand what ALL will entail. But if only we could be a little more open to find God in every circumstance, and continue to strive to see Joy amidst grief…we can inspire. We can live. 

Thank you Dana, and D and R. 

Erik –you are loved and missed and remembered everyday.