Today is the start of Holy Week. In our house it is the most solemn church week of the year…leading up to the greatest most joyful gift to Christianity…Easter. 

The Resurrection of our Jesus. 

It leaves a lot of time for reflection and pause. 

Real Reflection. 

Not your typical up at night what could possibly go wrong to my children ramblings. 

But the Real life Reflection of what Passion really is, what suffering real means, what sacrifice really stands for, and what healing and life resurrection brings. 

To us all. 

Maybe you’ve never really thought about salvation. 

Maybe you’ve never even heard that Passion and Suffering essentially mean the same thing. 

But maybe this is the year you should. 

Especially on Good Friday…

What if we all opened our Bibles at 12 on Friday and read the passion of the Christ, and sat in silence?  Not read it off our laptop or our phone. But cracked open the pages of your Bible…

We love options these days…so you have four. 

Matthew 26-27

Mark 14-15

Luke 22-23

John 18-19

Read one, and then sit in silence. No distractions. And let God speak into your heart. 

And do it again at 3 pm. 

And wait. 

And maybe you won’t feel anything. But Faith isn’t about feeling, it’s about believing, and God speaks. 

Into the stillness of our hearts. 

Into the aching of our souls. 

There is great sadness that Day, but BUT Sunday is coming. And allowing ourselves to pray and realize how incredible the word sacrifice and passion are…

For Us. 

It was all for us. 

Who will join me in prayer?…can you imagine how powerful our prayers will be from near and far, reflecting and loving our Jesus? 

Palm Sunday. 

The last Supper.

Agony in the Garden.

Betrayed by a Friend.

Scourging at the Pillar.

Carrying the Wooden Cross.

Crowning of Thorns.

Nailed to a Tree.

For us. 

It was all for us. 

Friday wherever you are 12 and 3… 

 Who is with me?