Life would be better if this was a Music Video in the 80’s, my favorite decade. Or maybe like a sitcom. 

Where hair was big, and fashion was puffy. 

Where there was a conflict, but families still ate dinner together, and things were resolved by the end. 

Music was better. 

Videos weren’t about shocking you, but about telling a story, with big hair. 

Friends in sitcoms stood up for you, and stood by you. 

After school specials were where it was at. 

Popular books for teenagers were well written by Judy Blume and dealt with girls that were relatable, rather than poorly written pathetic girls who fell in love with stalking vampires. 

There was a studio audience who loved to see you, and there was always one hysterical laugher.

It wasn’t a sin if you made a boxed meal or drank from the hose. 

There was no social media and Internet and when you talked on the phone you had a long cord that you pulled around the corner…for privacy. 

You bought stamps.

When you were home for the weekend from school, you were home…there no constant flashing texts and barrage of people you had to update. 

Ms. Pacman was better.

There were always donuts after church on Sunday and bitter church coffee. 

If people wanted to see you they came over, if they missed you, they called…

Today my kids asked to hear a song…so I asked my phone. Because that’s how advanced we are. 


Except we’re not nicer really. We don’t love more really. 

This week. This real thing has kicked my tush…

I’ve realized…

Words can be so powerful. And we use them too freely now. We hurt others, deliberately- just to be right. 

And then we hold no accountability for our words, and our actions. We are so desensitized to others because everything is so accessible.

Today I just left all those words out in the air as I talked to my friend Brit when we walked, how hard it is to be so exposed and to feel like my words mean nothing when people already have decided my real isn’t good enough for theirs. 

Why do I open my hands to you my God, when I feel like I’m only heard when it’s convenient? When I’m only valued when there is time? 

And who in the hell has this extra time to be right? I barely have time to pee alone. I’m the person who never knows anything about anything, about people’s personal lives, unless they are a little kid,and quite frankly… I don’t want to know anyone’s dirty laundry. 

I have enough of my own.

And so I drove to and from a million practices and longed for Music Videos and big hair. It’s no wonder my favorite is Bon Jovi and all he sings…because his songs make me feel good. Tommy and Gina never gave up…man, I love those two. 

When I listen to those songs, I am home. 

I feel safe. And so loved. 

So today Siri answered in just the way I needed…she gave me a Wham lyric, and took me home…where I’m wearing my 80’s prom dress and folding laundry, with a huge zit on my chin. 

Listening to my music. And it makes me happy. 

I will always be a Mom who hates technology. I am a faithful friend, and always stand up for the people I love. I am old school, I don’t need fluff- I just need Jesus. And just like in a sitcom I will always try to resolve things before the end of the night…the world may be off with Vampires and Reality TV, But I’m still in the 80’s.