I will not blog today. Because my words won’t be kind, and my heart won’t be in the right place. 

Instead I will focus on my family, and be present to them. And will pray that God will give me the right words tomorrow. 

Today I will watch my children perform on stage, and I will snuggle with them afterwards.

And hope it will make up for the fact that I wasn’t enough for them today.  

And I will not be prisoner to my phone or my laundry, or of my thoughts about how I’m failing because today I couldn’t deal with another moment of arguing about why we have to wear clean underwear or why clothes aren’t optional if we are leaving. Today I wasn’t in the mood for all the why’s. 

I wasn’t patient. 

Because sometimes one of me isn’t enough. 

So I’m not going to write about it. 

Instead I’m just going to rest in the moment. 

Be present. 

Not have it together. 

But not fall apart. 

Just be…right here.