I remember when we brought him home, and he was so small…

We had no idea how on earth we could keep this small little being alive. 

And we figured it out. Somehow. 

But now…I’m still trying to figure out what the heck I’m doing. This raising a teenager. 

I’m winning somedays. 

I’m losing others.

He is figuring out how to be a teenager. We are trying to raise him to be well balanced. He plays instruments. He plays sports. He loves God. He is crazy smart, and crazy disorganized. 

He likes a girl. And she likes him. And she likes us. And we take her to church with us. 

And everyday he looks different. And every day I ask God to help me do the right thing.

I still hate video games.  So we continue to battle, but I’ve lost some of that war. 

We limit his phone. But he has one.

He has no privacy. Because he doesn’t need it. 

We are open with him. We are protective of him.

And life is moving too fast. 

I talk to my sisters. As life gives and takes, and cruelty steals, and we raise teenagers…and we mess up, and we fall, but we love them. And are so scared. 

And I’m a brand new mom again. 

Learning all over again. 

Over the years I’ve learned a few things…a little quality time goes a long way. You can lose your shit and they still love you. That it’s easier to just vacuum up the Legos than pick them up, because they reproduce anyway. Boys smell. The best way to deal with a temper tantrum is to tell them to make it count… And they are never too old to be prayed with. 

And they will mess up. But so will we. And we will figure it out…together. 

I have no idea what I’m doing half the time. 

But…I…love…this…child. And he will always be my child. 

And A child of God. 

And a miracle. His life is an absolute gift every single day.