Life is unpredictable. We can’t plan for what is going to happen next…

We work all day. We work nights. We lose sleep and dream of days where we can sleep again. 

But today we Live…

she…worked the night shift and one of her patients threatened to beat her other coworker up…96, with a catheter listening to his Louis L’Amour on a cassette tape. She has respect for his this fiery patients- with his passion, his past and Navy background. Someday at 96, she wants to be just like him. 

she…doesn’t know what she wants to be someday, but knows that right now she is right where she needs to be. As a Mom. 

she…wants to be a Private Investigator. And little-she wants to be Batman..

She…wants to be like my Grace, and embrace her own skin. She wants to be happy right where she is. (Side note:She is beautiful) 

She…always wanted to be a writer or a lawyer. She wonders if someday she’ll still become one of those things. 

She…wants to own a dress or shoe shop! 

She…wants to be a detective or figure out all the gory sort of crimes. She wants to catch bad guys…and has a dark and twisty side. 

She… Wanted to be on Broadway but now just wants to serve a God…right where she’s at. 

Me…I want my kids to be healthy. 

This week has been discouraging because we’ve been looking forward to so much for weeks…and are all battling things. 

I’m tired. 

I haven’t worked out. 

And I don’t feel all that great myself.

But we live. And we work. And we dream. And today where ever we are at…we are real. 

Today I embrace your real and your dreams, and I dream with you. Well…kind of because I haven’t had a good nights sleep in weeks, but I dream of dreaming with you…

And I see you, and you are all so beautiful. And inspiring. And real. 

I love no Filters! I love Wednesday.