Today we are attempting to function with no sleep, attempting to cover up dark circles and messy hair. Attempting to breast feed under hard conditions, attempting to will the clean laundry into drawers, and for it to maybe fold itself. 

We are attempting to get places on time, and function through very very hard real stuff. 

We are running on empty, and it’s only Wednesday. 

We are walking across the pavement, stopped at a stoplight, staring at the ceiling- and waiting to have it all together. To have it figured out. 


We are halfway through the week. 

Halfway through the day. 

Halfway through a workout.

Halfway through the term. 

But we are getting there…because someone believes in us. Someone is counting on us. Because we will keep going, even if it’s trial and error- even if we don’t have it just yet…we are that much closer. 

And we may not have it together, and maybe we still can’t find our hair brush, which I can’t…but my daughter has a perfectly good brush for her American Girl doll that I’ve been using–so no matter where you are, you are further than me. 

Happy Wednesday…you’re getting there.