As much as I love the Sun, we need Rain. 

I love sitting in the Sun, feeling its warmth on my shoulder and my cheeks. 

I love squinting in the sunshine, as long as I have good sunglasses, and I love being warm. 

I love the Sun, but we need the Rain. 

We need the Rain in order to fertilize. We need the Rain in order to grow. 

Roots cannot grab and reach and stretch with out the Rain. 

We need the Rain, to quench the thirst of the soil, of the low rivers, to make things green and fresh. 



The Rain makes the visibility hard, and the roads slick. It makes our shoulders sag, and our hair damp. 

We come inside drenched, and take off our wet clothes. And we look at the grey grey sky. 

But we need the Rain. 

We need the Rain in order to grow, and learn about stretching beyond what’s comfortable.

We need the Rain to seep in, and sit there, and make us think and feel deep things. 

We need to come in, drenched and dejected, not even realizing we are being changed…we are learning, we are living. 

We stand in a puddle, and we know we may need it, but we don’t want it. We don’t want this Rain, this puddle, so we stomp…and stomp again. 

And then something amazing happens. We laugh. 

We stomp and we laugh. 

And we live. 

And we grow. We survive.

And eventually the Rain stops, and we stand in the Sunlight. 

We stand taller. 

We live more Fully.

We love more deeply. 

Because our roots have grown deep under the surface and we’ve stretched and laughed and stomped. 

And we couldn’t have done that without the rain. 

We all need the Rain.