Today you are feeling “all the feelings.” You are feeling grateful for the things you have, and very very tired. You are looking for the good in adversity, and for the good in today. You are feeling crummy, but are still having to work and show up in life.


 You are hanging in there…getting up every day, showing up. You are praying for others, and trying to see all sides of situations. You are looking and praying for patience. You are feeling the incredible weight of responsibility at work and as a parent…and feel so torn, always. You are  grumpy AND blessed…at the same time. You are taking little steps, every day- towards wholeness. Towards self care. 

You are looking down and wondering how you can only be half way through the week. 

You are looking around, and maybe not really seeing what you have to offer to today, to others. 

But your life is a beautiful story. Your life is a testament of strength, and showing up. Your life is a daily mission to serve and reach, and love. And you are doing that. You. Love when it’s tough. Love when you are ill. Love when life makes you look at the ground and wonder what you will ever offer to anyone again…

I am blessed, by your words, by your life unfiltered. 

Look up…find a little beauty in today. 

Look up…you are absolutely precious. 

Look up…it’s a new day. Your story is beautiful, even with all the feelings…your story matters. So much.