Ash Wednesday. The beginning of 40 days of Lent.

A time to recommit, to fast, and to focus on the little ways that we can use our gifts for good.

Lent is a perfect time to look inside at all the imperfections that need divine fine tuning.

Not using comparisons or negative self talk.

Praying for peace and love.

Using a gentler voice and a spirit of prayer.

To be led by God to use our Hands for what he’s calling us to.

To not be frozen with fear, and to make each moment count.

To love the dying and care for the sick.

To grieve and remember, and let our light shine.

Especially in the dark.

Not to be a “clanging bell but to allow God to make beautiful music again.”

My Papa John sent Proverbs 16:3 today and it made all the blurry plans I have, the future I can’t yet see come into focus…may we all Commit Our Work, in whatever stage we are at to the Lord…

Little Ways, Big God…all for His Glory.