Earlier this week I’ve realized I wrote a lot about the power of words…

How one word can break a heart.

How the sound of our laugh can get us detention and we need to know our audience.

How someone can say something to us, and it will sit with us for the rest of our lives.

How it can even define us.

My friend Brit even sent me an article this week all about “how our words matter.” When I was looking back and thinking about this week…I realized that every post really came and spoke to the power of perception and words.

And it wasn’t intentional.

But God is.

Everyday I wonder if I will even have the words to keep writing that day…and then I pray. I have written 31 posts already.

And everyday the words come.

By the Grace of God. A God who is Real.

It’s amazing how the theme was words, because this week I had to use my words for a lot of different reasons…

Because sometimes the lies still come
back into my head on repeat…the lies that tell me I’m a failure. The lies that tell me I’m not doing a good job. That people don’t like me. That I’m annoying. The lies that tell me that no matter what I…will…never…be…enough.

I think it was because a lot of good came
from my words this week- this revolution is reaching people, doors are opening, and I am
being transformed.

By the Grace of God.

But because of the good, the lies seems to grow louder. So I just kept tried to drown them out by just using my own words…to
check in with friends, to pray with friends, at work, on here.

Words are powerful.

I had to use my words this week to confront a situation with one of my kids, and then another.

And then I heard words were used against me. I have always hated gossip, but when
I’ve done something wrong I have owned up
to it and while I’ve hated it- I know it happens. This wasn’t the case. And the powerful part of gossip is it lets us use our words to taint a situation. Which is all sorts of cruel. Because you can make someone look however you want.

And they aren’t there.

But those words- say more about you than me.

Which is why I allowed myself one good cry yesterday, then another one later, and allowed myself five minutes to ask all the questions that had began to bring self doubt into my mind.

I wasn’t defensive. I wasn’t regretful. I owned every word.

Because all the words I spoke were intentional and thought about…

And that’s when it hit me…our words are powerful BUT our intention behind them is what makes them bring joy, sorrow, and break someones spirit.

Our words show our true colors, because our intentions carry weight behind them.

It’s why multiple friend have said I don’t pray like a Catholic…which is a total generalization. But I understood what they meant- there is intention behind my words.

I strive every single day to have a living faith. I am not perfect, and can be thoughtless– but I don’t use my words to be passive aggressive or condescending, or even sarcastic. Because the intention behind those words are to hurt and offend, and to make someone feel stupid.

When we say things to just placate someone or to prove a point, or to assert our own agenda all we do is divide.

Our intentions behind our words…

End marriages. End friendships. End careers. Cause discord and brokenness. It’s why people leave church’s and die with hearts full of bitter sadness.

That’s why our words matter so much.

That’s why our real matters so much.

We need to look at our intentions and our actions…really look.

Not rationalize.

Not make excuses.

But own them.

As I looked at this past week and my words- I can say every word was intentional…

I hurt one of my children’s feelings because I said something in anger, and later apologized because when I said it, I knew it would hurt him.

But I owned it. And he forgave me.

By the Grace of God.

I told someone how much they inspired me, how they continue to allow their children to live- keeping their Dads life alive after three years without him…I cried. And I meant every word.

They live. And so does he- in their amazing ways of honoring him.

By the Grace of God.

And I stood up for my child.

And I always will.

By the Grace of God.

If only we would finish reading this…and with intention do something, anything with the action of our powerful words.

“I am so proud of you.”

“I love you.”

“I am so sorry.”

“You are beautiful.”

“I thank God for you everyday.”

“Thank you for saving my life.”

“Hey God…I know it’s been a while…”

Mark my intentional words…You will be amazed what you can do.

Because our words are powerful.

But our Intentions can change the World.

By the Grace of God.