Where you are today…


“Feeling tired, but thankful for the motivation to go running.”


“I tried to smile, but today, it wouldn’t be real.”


“Early morning fun with the Grandkids. Beyond joy.”


“Feeling sick and defeated…but also loved because my mini is with me. Lord heal us quickly.”


“Another day of doubles. 40 lbs down, so much freedom. My hair thinks so too.”


“Impatient and now annoyed.”

2015/01/img_1107 .png

“So blessed…”


“Hard to be motivated when I’m drowning in laundry and my bed making and closet look like a bomb went off in it.”

2015/01/img_1108 .png



“Feeling Pampered. It’s hard to take time for myself…”

These Moments.

I am grateful. Overcome by your honesty. By the gift of your lives. By your realness.

You are so brave to share. Even if you’re tired. Even if you’re sad. Especially when your overwhelmed.

When we are real…in the bad and good, and messy and authentic– we are giving a gift to each other.

A gift of lives being lived.

The gift of lives so loved by God.

You may not see it…but your story is valued today.

Living Wednesday. Rocking what is so needed…Our Truth. Our Stories. Our Real World.

And this Moment.