I felt called to this for some time. Being a voice for the Real. Not the filtered lives we create for each other but the messy in between moments. The moments of absolute beauty. Real Beauty. The Rawness of Life.

In a world full of critical negativity, I felt instead of turning inward to look outward. To see beyond. To See…
So, Inspired by some of my favorite Instagrammers and people I respect, I started my journey Yesterday, January 1.
Everyday for the next year I will post and blog a picture and capture “Real.” I’m not a photographer but writing Real is something I aspire to.

Day One: my beautiful boy who does not like being photographed. He is easy to love, and has the sweetest heart, and a laugh I wish I could bottle. He is painfully shy, and painfully beautiful. He writes little stories and in his little journal all day. So it seemed appropriate he would be the beginning of my story…

Welcome to the Revolution.