Her youngest son is going to retire this year. She just found out yesterday.
When I was hired at my job years ago, Nancy was who trained me. I think she’s who has trained everyone for the past 29 years. She used to tell my boys when I would bring them in if they acted up she’d sit on them. They’d look at her Five Foot stature and hear her little girl giggle and laugh and laugh.

She wakes up at 4 everyday, but sleeps in until 6 on Saturdays. Today she let her husband Dean sleep in, but he still got up to have coffee with her.

On Fridays we meet early at work, and today was no exception. When we got there it was pitch black, but she is all sunshine. I leave every week feeling so grateful. I tell her how thankful I am to work with her. I love that we share a passion for family, faith, and life. And people.

When I take her picture she can’t stop giggling.

Nancy. Is. Beautiful.