So much of what my kids bring home I end up having to recycle…but the good stuff I keep. I even laminate.

I love the real stuff. The stuff that shows who they are. Not the easy. But the nitty gritty real.

What I love about having a big family is how incredible it is to watch them just know what it’s like to share, and sacrifice. Everything is earned and usually every one is grateful.

But you’d better believe it’s not easy. They are human and sometimes they want their own space, quiet, a little more peace and not have to share their parents.

So I save the authentic pieces, like this list of questions one of my kids wrote before bed to discuss with me, the next day.

You see, they get annoyed with each other- they are the ones that hate when one is not home for the night. They hate when we are all separated. As spring turns into summer I listen to them laugh as the sun sets as they play baseball for hours.
Because while it seems too much sometimes…this is the good stuff. This is what gives me hope most days.

So here are my answers:

1. Reader–I can’t give you this question or answer, if I did I’d have to kill you.

2. I know how important siblings are. They will be your best friend someday. They probably are now, but You are used to them- and probably forget how important they are. But I promise someday you’ll understand.

3. People are annoying. Period. And the people you live with will always be the most annoying at times. Because you see the good, the bad, and the annoying.

4. You are a part of a family. Your brothers pick up your messes too. But don’t get me started on the picking up of messes. Suck it up. And I love you.

5. What’s a break? When you figure it out let me know. But if you need space, I’ll help you find it. Thank you for being such a good kid. Thank you for being open and honest. Thank you for being just like me, and yet, so uniquely you. You are treasured and I will always always live for these notes.

Hold onto the “real” friends.

This. Is. The. Good. Stuff.