“The joy of the Lord is strength.” Nehemiah 8:10

Kristin White is perfect.  In fact she is so perfect that she can’t find her keys, forgot to brush her hair, and was called Momzilla twice by her children today.  Oh, wait, did it say perfect? It was supposed to say Kristin White is far from perfect.  But she loves Jesus.  She loves God so much that she blogs about him, reads his word daily, and talks to him throughout the day…sometimes in her whining voice.

She has spent the last eight years talking to groups weekly about their health, and is passionate about being real with a sense of humor and the journey to being a Woman of God.  The joy of the Lord is strength is her motto as she shares with others as they walk the same path following the same flawless God.

Married to the dreamiest guy she knows for the past 13 years they have three boys, and one girl.  Kristin loves mascara, Diet Dr. Pepper, “Dowton Abbey” and “Friends” reruns, Carol Burnett,  Star Wars, 80’s Big Hair bands, and hasn’t went to the bathroom by herself in 12 years. Want to know more? Well first of all enough of the third person –  I want to speak at your Women’s or Family Retreat and share with you the amazing love of God even when you are flawed and feel unworthy…especially when you are flawed and unworthy. It won’t be perfect.  I may forget what I’m saying mid sentence.  But I will be real and I will pray with you.   And I think in this world of filters, and social media, and pressure to have it all and be it all, being authentic and real is very underrated.

So if you’re interested let me know…