Call it wishful thinking but I would really like if the people I live with would make some New Years Resolutions. I love my children so much. They are amazing, funny, and a gift from God.  They are also busy, scattered, and need a little guidance on how to act like they are not being raised on a commune of all-potty-humor-all-the-time .  I don’t think there is such a thing, because my kids along with my husband would be on the next bus there…

So Here’s Their Resolutions, even if they don’t know about them.

12. This year I will take my lunch out of my back pack every day, and unpack it especially on Fridays. I will not leave it in the back of Mom’s car.

11. I will not cut my own hair.  Ever. And I will not tell my Mother she has NO idea what less is more means.

10. I will not put my clean laundry back in the laundry pile, because I’m too busy reading “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” to put it away. Clearly I have been SO efficient they haven’t realized that they are creating mounds of work for me.

9.  I will not fart during family movie night in a silent but deadly way and then blame it on the dog, or my Aunt, or my Mom…or my wife. I will not fart loudly in a public place, or on my Aunt Katie.

8.  I will flush the toilet, even if I think what I left was impressive and I want to show it later to Dad — I WILL flush it.

7.  I will know that leaving the house requires clothes.  And especially when going to church.  And I will remember it is never okay to just wear one sock to church with shorts on.

6.  I will answer when my Mom tries to discipline me rather then saying, “What? Huh?  Me? What? Did you say something Mom? Whaaah? What? Me? Huh?”

5.  I will not pick my nose during church.  I will not lick the pew during church. I will not call out during church, “Ewwwww…What’s that smell?”

4. I will wear underwear. Even if going commando is way cooler.

3.I will not play with light sabers or balls in the kitchen.(yes I know how that sounds) 

2. I will not tell on someone when I was the first person to start the fight, quit the game, hit them, and then cry uncontrollably about the unfairness of it all. In fact I won’t say the words “No Fair.”

1. I will let my Mom run on the treadmill, shower,take a power nap or go the bathroom in peace…Unless I am bleeding or on fire I will not bug her.  I will even let her get through an entire dance routine without rolling my eyes. I will dance with her. I will let her take my makeup off, and have tea parties with me.  I will let her be overprotective about who I’m talking to and where I am and I will let her check my homework, even if I am better at Math then her. I will let her hug me goodbye, and tell me she loves me a million times a day.  I won’t be embarrassed when she starts to sing in the middle of Costco,and when she yells at someone for texting and driving. I’ll let her and Dad sing to each other and kiss too much while doing the dishes. I”ll always get her Diet Dr. Pepper. I’ll forgive her when she yells and is impatient, or starts to cry about me growing up or at a sappy Disney Channel Movie. I will take it like a champ when I lose privileges, or have to have a coming to Jesus because she and Dad are the final say. I will always listen to her stories, even if it’s the millionth time hearing them, and let her read to me even if I’m too old to be read to.  I will let her pray with me, and put her hands on me, or pray with her when she pulls the car over and says “We need to stop everything right now and pray.”

My children are amazing and beautiful.  They are a gift from God.  They are unequivocally the most amazing thing we’ve ever created. So while I think most of these Resolutions won’t fly…I can only hope number one will.   And my Resolution? To stop caring about the people who don’t like me, that I can’t please,  and stop trying so hard.  I can pray for them, and spend my energy being there for those I love. I have so many wonderful people to love and be there for.  EVEN if they cut their own hair, aren’t wearing any underwear, farted on their Auntie, or are only wearing one sock…because these creations of love are pretty darn close to perfect to me. They are just perfect for us.