Before I unveil my next findings I have to explain why I couldn’t post right away after my second try at a new mascara. My family in true form and fashion got sick.  You know how some people have all the luck?  They are the kind of people who have random amazing things happen to them: they win the lottery, when they don’t have debt.  They win a Caribbean vacation when they own a home in Spain…Well my family is one of those families who shares a lot.  We share germs. Read through my past entries and you see that we get sick. And then we share it. This time it was the stomach flu.  Started with Daniel…Hit Jonah…Smacked Micah…and then POW, I got it. Last night until the early morning.  I’m trying to have hope.  Because tomorrow I am supposed to be at this Woman’s Retreat near Salem Oregon. I have counted the days to go, literally, and I was so excited to see a lot of my good friends there.  And of course we get hit right in the gut with the pukes.  I’m not going to complain, but really? Really? 

But I put on mascara today, even though I wore sweats and no bra.  It’s the little things.

Name: N.Y.C. Curling Mascara

It comes in a small black and silver container. Small enough to fit in a tiny makeup bag, which is a plus.  The wand curls at the end, which is why I’m assuming they use the word curling. The color is Pearlized Black, so I’m expecting it to be pretty dark.  But when I brush it on, it doesn’t look that dark. So I do another coat, and it clumps. Already? What a bummer. As for curling, it did make them curl up a bit, but it didn’t make them look long or lovely, which is my ultimate goal.  Also after a few hours I found little speckles of black remnants of the mascara under my eyes. Definitely not okay, because routinely I have dried jelly on my shoulders and smell like diaper rash ointment. There is only so much this mom can take. 

Final Score: 4.5, it was black and it did curl.  I liked the size…the rest of it?  Not so much.

But God is good. I was able to go to the Retreat after all. In fact I’m going to share more about that on my next post.  But it was wonderful. And I saw some of my oldest, dearest friends.

One of the quotes shared by the guest speaker who I am blessed to call my friend Tammy Evevard shared:

“The Truth shall set you free, but first it will piss you off.” -Gloria Steinem

Which is really good for me to hear after a week of stomach flu and finding out I was rejected on one of my smaller writing projects.   But even though it gets me down, I know that there is Truth, and though it might not always go my way, things will work out. I’ll find my dream mascara, I’ll get published, my kids will get the flu – but I’ll prevail with great organic cleaners and hand sanitizer. 

God is Good.  Because even when things are bleak, miracles happen.  I feel better.  My husband takes all four for the day and jams packs it so no one notices I’m gone.  I see friends who I love, and who know me and still love me.  And even if you read my last post Nicole wrote and told me about her favorite mascara, so I ordered it.  It will be my final test.  But it means, that someone other than my family is reading and maybe, just maybe I will give someone some of the amazing grace I’ve been given, or at least commiserate on the evils of clumping.

Test Number Three: Cover Girl Multiplying Waterproof Mascara…bring on the sad movies. Mama’s gotta cry!