Good Friday. Tonight as we sat in our newly adopted parish I was struck by how I am always speechless on this day. How I inhale so much love and sacrifice, so much pain and a burden so great…a prophesy so ugly that I cannot find words. But tonight as the music switched from somber Latin, to songs I have heard since I was a young child–by people singing who have probably been old since I was young, to the up tempo of Spanish music…the thought crossed my mind “None of this fits together, every is mismatched…” and yet as I knelt beside the cross, with my daughter next to me…as I kissed the cross I realized that isn’t that the mystery of the Passion? None of it should have fit. An innocent Man, the son of God made Flesh. Persecuted and killed. Dying on a slab of a splintered tree for us. For you. For Me. 

And yet it comes together. Not because we are good. But because He is. And yes, it is hard, and our “thirst” for the perfect life, the perfect body, the perfect everything will never be quenched until we SEE and Recognize this Day. Until we SEE Him. Good Friday is important. So important…because the one who said I THIRST gave everything for us. None should fit and yet Today it all does. Because He did.