I remember years and years ago when the Teenager was in first grade and we went to his curriculum night at school. We were a classroom full of nervous parents- our knees banging underneath small desks, when the teacher said to us, “Your children are unique and special, and you may even find an extra layer of sensitivity in them. After all they are 9/11 babies.” 

And those words took my breath away. 

Because it was true. 

I was three weeks from my due date on 9/11. I couldn’t see my feet and I still didn’t feel like I was grown up enough to be someone’s Mother. That day every thing changed…it changed the course of our family. My husband decided to go into public service. And I became fearful of the country my unborn child was being born into, because it was my job to protect him. The intensity of what motherhood meant burned in my core. And I was terrified. My America had been attacked, all in the name of Evil. 

In the days and weeks after, I began to see the Flag waving everywhere I went. And as I became closer to my due date I was filled with gratitude for those who had served so valiantly in the face of this Evil. And suddenly singing the National Anthem brought more than me trying desperately to sound like Whitney Houston, but instead standing and filling my lungs with love for the country I get to call home. I would sing it to my newborn son as I rocked him, and cry. I haven’t sang the song since without getting choked up. 

My teenager is a Child of 9/11. He grew up in a time when terrorism started storming through our doors.  He has watched his cousins say goodbye to their Dad, his Uncle, twice for deployments as he has fought for our Country. 

My teenager is a Child of 9/11. He was aware when his Dad’s friend was killed on duty, as I sat in shock at a family gathering and dropped my cell phone. He is aware of the chasm in our nation, and fears for his Dad’s safety by a media that is tearing us a part.  

My teenager is a Child of 9/11. He is a sensitive soul, and feels everything in a cerebral introspective way. He went through things this past year that I thought would break him forever. And instead he has shown resilience and faith. He has shown mercy and forgiveness, and strength and maturity beyond his years. He’s shown Fight. And he’s shown Gratitude and Honor. 

Resilience and Faith…

Mercy and Forgiveness…

Strength and Maturity…


Gratitude and Honor…

All of the beautiful things I love about my America- our America…are the things he lives everyday. 

And we need to see more of that. We need to stand and remember what we are fighting for…we are fighting for Eachother. All of us. We are fighting for Love of a Country, and the people who were lost that day in September. We are fighting for their families who still grieve, and for each one of us who grieves with them…as we pray and whisper “We remember…we remember…We Remember.” 

I remember.

And no it’s not perfect. But what family is?  But it’s all of our country. On 9/11 we all knew that…bonded by grief. Let’s be bonded by remembrance tomorrow*. Let’s be bonded by the beauty of this Land of the Free and our Home of the Brave. 

…and my Jonah who is a child of 9/11- he wants to do ROTC when he graduates. In his words “I want to serve and do more…” 

Gratitude and Honor. We need more of that. 

*other things you can do to remember 9/11, and change your life and honor your country…

Hang your American Flag tomorrow. 

Go to church and pray for the families grieving their loved ones who were killed on 9/11. Light a candle. Have a moment of silence. 

And hug your family tighter. Appreciate them longer. And love others. 

Sing the National Anthem. Stand for those who fought. 

God bless the USA.