My Safari and why I hated IT. 

Well, today I am going on a Safari. But let me get something straight, it was not my idea to go on a safari. Actually, I was planning on playing videos games for the week. But sadly Mom told Dad that we were going on a safari. And once Mom said it, there was no way out. The worst part is that is will take 20 hours to get to the Serengeti Plains. 

Well, we arrived an hour ago, and the plane ride was terrible. Mom wouldn’t let me bring a SINGLE video game. Which really stinks. While I could be at home playing video games, I’m stuck in these stupid plains. My favorite video game is “Die Zombies Die!” But as I said I can’t play because I’m stuck on these stupid plains. Well, I had a really weird dream full of floating baby heads. I think it made no sense. Well, technically I know it doesn’t make sense. 

Breakfast was pretty good. We had pancakes and scrambled eggs. Then we went on our first drive. We saw a lot of animals but the only cool ones were the fighting giraffes. They kind of got disturbing on the fifth second because blood was everywhere. When the giraffes went out of sight, I started I started looking at Rhinos. Their horns were kind of cool. 

“Uh oh,” Mom whispered.

“What?” I said just as loud as she did. But then I saw it. A rhino running at the car. And when it rammed us, everything was chaos. People were screaming, kids were crying, parents were panicking, and my Mom was holding my head to tight I felt like it was about to pop. When the car finally stopped rolling, the driver told everyone there was going to be an evacuation. And from the look on Moms face, I knew she Fully supported the idea. When we got back to camp, Mom called a plane and we were going to be picked up tomorrow. 

Well, now you know why my Safari was terrible. 

(The Author would like people to know that “Die Zombies Die” is based off a video game a character plays in the show “Good Luck Charlie.” He would also like people to know he does not play video games all day. He’d rather play baseball or bump at recess…so the main character is fictional. However the Mom is based off someone he “knows.”)