from where I stand. 

Some weeks are so easy. 

And some weeks are so hard.

It’s amazing how much you can know about someone after so many years…how you can memorize how straight their eye lashes are and the way their back curves when they sleep. 

It’s amazing how much we still don’t know…we are still discovering things about each other. 

Some days we barely get to speak. We spend so much time checking days and schedules off a calendar, lives moving between jobs and children, bills and responsibilities. 

Some days we speak in short sentences, the stress of life is too much. Everything about life being too much. Even eachother. On those days the fact that we are out of syrup seems to be a much bigger deal. 

Some days we can’t stop touching, and hugging. I call him at work just to hear his voice, even for a second. He takes the kids out of the house so I can take a nap. We hold hands under the dinner table. 

It’s constantly revolving and changing…this little family we built with vows that remain the same, in the house of God. 

It will be easy. 

It will be tough. 

I’m far from perfect. 

So is he. 

But still we choose this. We choose each other. 

Every day. 

From where I stand.