from where I stand. 

I had an epiphany…

After 10 years of working very part time while being a full time Mom and Wife, I embarked on a brand new adventure as an part time EA(educational assistant) at a local elementary school. The gist…I am the main recess supervisor.  

When I told people about the job and the fact that I am outside for 6 recess’s most of them cringed, because really that’s a whole lot of recess…but the people who really know me, know that I love watching kids bloom in play. I love knowing the rules and guidelines, but allowing them to skip and jump, and live. It’s not all fun in games, but what in life is? 

I’ve started to realize that my life won’t be full of awards or diplomas. And I’m mostly okay with that. Instead the mark I leave will be a little different, and as long as I’m home with my kids when they are home, and that I’m present, I find that is what matters most. Maybe not to everyone, but all that matters is them. 

But I digress. 


If you look closely you can learn a lot about life from recess…

Fourth grade boys take more time picking teams for basketball than actually playing. When they start playing they spend the majority of that time arguing. 

As soon as the bathroom pass is given to one girl, there is a kid desperate to go too. When you say no, she insists they aren’t friends, no it was totally coincidental they are wearing the exact same thing…in fact they just met. And suddenly when the other girl comes back, poof she doesn’t have to go the bathroom, and they skip off together.

A kid CAN drink water from a mud puddle and survive. And will. Twice. 

There is always that kid who kicks the ball up and away during wall ball…and I’m pretty sure thinks it’s worth it no matter how many times he sits on the wall. 

And there are those who think the rules don’t ever apply to them, even when someone could get hurt. They think I’m mean. 

Shoes come untied a lot. 

Who needs a jacket in freezing cold or even pants when you’re a fifth grade boy?! 

Everyone thinks Star Wars is cool. 

There is always a little boy in his own world, having the time of his life, all on his own. 

There is usually a posse of kids(mostly first graders) looking for a toy someone lost. They all work together to look. And usually the person who lost it remembers right as it’s time to line up “Oh Wait, I left it at home.” 

Best friends share a jacket when it’s cold. 

Kindergarten girls give a lot of hugs. 

Fifth grader girls walk around and talk a lot. 

I give out at least one ice pack a day. 

One bandaid on a good day. 

There’s always a boy that the girls ALL love…but are very intentional about ignoring right in front of him. 

Meanwhile the fifth grade boys are still playing basketball as the fourth graders are still arguing…about basketball. And none of them buys it that I can play street ball. 

Inside recess is the pits.

There are always kids who will be the first to help, the first to help someone, and always step up. 

Someone is always left out…or can’t find their friend…or has missed recess due to choices they made. 

Once the bell rings someone always takes someone’s place in line…”On purpose!”

Someone is always crying.

 And someone is typically rolling their eyes. 

And there’s always one who looks so happy and can’t stop giggling. 

And then they file in, voices low, back into class until the next recess. 

And here’s where my epiphany came in…
Being a Grown Up is A lot like Recess.

You meet a lot of people…

There’s always going to be a group or a committee, or a person who spend more time on details than action, and then argue about it. They typically are in leadership roles and shouldn’t be. 

And sometimes we just can’t imagine life without a friend, we want to walk through every second of life with them. We all long for that sort of friend, and when we grow a part we grieve them. 

As adults we do weird stuff to get attention…umm Fear Factor? Christmas parties? Vegas? 

There will always be someone who will break the rules and think it was totally worth it, or maybe it’s that person who always overdoes it when it comes to fire works and campfires(yes I’m talking about my husband).

When we don’t think the rules apply to us, and blame everyone else…we steal truth from society. 

Everyone needs a little love once in a while. Even us. 

There’s always that person who doesn’t need a jacket and is wearing flip flops in the snow. 

Star Wars will always be cool. 

One of the greatest lessons in life is learning to be content by ourselves. And not placing our happiness on anyone else. 

Friends are the best finders…and when we find the good ones Keep Them. 

Share and Hear…Caring about how someone else feels rather than only sharing your stuff is important. Sometimes we just need to wrap our coat around someone else and listen. 

Human touch is a gift. 

So is friendship. 

See a doctor when you’re hurt. 

There is nothing wrong with asking for help. 

There will always be attention seekers. Attention stealers. Instead of focusing on them, focus on the people who are there for you…and don’t fall into that shallow place. There is no real joy there. Be intentional in love…for the right reasons. 

It’s true, I can’t play street ball, but I can play a mean game of Bump. 

We all need fresh air. 

Look for the Helpers. They are rare and beautiful. They are the quiet strength our world needs. They may  wear badges, and protect our country. They are brave so we can sleep. The helpers are also the real leaders, they pray and serve the poor in quiet ways. 

We will always feel left out once in a while.

And maybe will feel a little lost. 

We maybe want someone to blame for our bad mood or our bad day. 

Because life is hard. And hard things happen. 

And sometimes we just need to cry. 

We search for purpose in those moments…as we wait in line, wait for a call, wait for a better offer…

But while life is never predictable, there is always other chances and other reasons to find hope. To smile again. To start anew. 

Until the next day. 
I may never have plaques on my wall, or degrees, but I have a paper clips from a second grader I need to keep forever, and I am told daily by a little deaf boy he loves me after he hugs me, and I laugh a lot. 

Because God is teaching me so much these days…and even on the bleakest days I find hope and joy peeking out from the clouds…as I breathe the fresh air, and hear the chattering voices of so many lives- who all deserve so much love.

There is such a beauty in that.  In the blooming…in the living. It’s not all fun and games…but life should be more than that. 

And from where I stand- that’s a good thing.