“What Now?!” you ask. 


“Again?” You may say. 

After the last year of writing almost daily midnight struck another year. Last year I was asked to be real, and you joined me. You didn’t hesitate, as so many voices spoke real…in this blog and to me through your emails and messages. I expected the year to end and it to be that. I’d be back to being a very occasional blogger if that…

But this morning as I stepped from the shower, God spoke. He always does when my mind is doing the monotonous things. Washing my hair, drying my Body, putting my socks on. I may be thinking a million thoughts, and checking off the to-do lists on my day. And there it is. His words. 

I don’t find him to be wishy-washy. 

He’s fairly concise when he speaks to me. Just like I like it. I’m not someone who does well with mixed signals. 

So there it was. 

…from where you stand. 


We wrote. We wrote our real on the good and bad days. We wrote about the grey that muddies the black and white. We wrote about love and heartache, redemption and from a place of rawness. 

And here we are. 

What if we could stop and notice the world around us in between the moments of where we stand? 

Where we stand as we search for joy, peace, and God. 

The real gave us a voice…beyond the filters we surround ourselves with. 

But there’s always more…Seasons change, and life continues to be unpredictable. Today I stood at the edge of a bridge covered in frost. I had to walk carefully because I didn’t know where the ice would fall under my feet. But I kept walking…even though I didn’t know.

Right now there are a lot of uncertainties in my life. And I don’t know how it’s all going to look on the other side. 

But from where I stand it’s worth it. 

You in?

From where I stand.