1: 48 am.

Last year, or maybe it wasn’t even a year ago I was talking to my Mom about a frusterating interaction I’d had after I taught a class…the person was in their early 80’s and no matter what I said…it was as if I was talking to a brick wall, if brick walls are kind of mean and thoughtless. For the next week I did what I always do and rethought the conversation trying to see if I could’ve said or done something different. As I was talking to my Mom, I said something about the situation and how this person was set in their ways and I should just accept that that’s who they are, and that’s how it is and blah, blah, blah…”

And my Mom, without missing a beat said “that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. You are never too old to change. Ever.” 

2:23 pm

My Mother is a wise wise woman. 

And what she said resonated with me. 

This past year I’ve had quite a few revelations come through that have resonated and stuck with me. They are the kind of things that have made life uncomfortable but also made me so appreciative for good friends, who are real and tell the truth. 

11:00 pm 

Life changes around us. It doesn’t wait for us to be ready. It doesn’t wait until we’re skinny, or more beautiful. It doesn’t pause so we can gather our thoughts and our things. Time marches on. We age. We grow. We hurt. And we are never ever too old to change. My Mom was right. 

9:00 am

Nothing about this past year was particularly comfortable. It wasn’t a bad year. In fact there was heaping amounts of joy. But it was a year of absolutes…a year of stepping beyond what I knew, speaking up for what is right, and following God into areas I wasn’t quite ready for. This was the worst year for a law enforcement family, as the media and even our President created a divide and even when truths came out, made issues based on agendas. My husband went to work everyday facing real live monsters…as my anxiety deepened for his safety. Political parties have began to resemble comic book characters- just talking in circles and never coming to resolutions, only more division. I have very little patience for talking in circles and politics. It’s why I avoid school board meetings. 

1:43 pm

So maybe it’s wisdom, maybe it’s insomnia, or maybe it’s growth… But here are things I learned during the uncomfortable. I’m 36, so I used 36 things. 


1. You will never regret doing the right thing.

2. Teaching our children gratefulness is more valuable than any academic lesson they will ever learn.

3. People that are negative and complain all the time, miss out on a lot. 

4. It’s not just about you. 

5. It’s not just about me. 

6. Don’t ever tell a pregnant person your labor and delivery story…refer to number 4. 

7. Celebrate Birthdays. 

8. Find a workout you enjoy. And then workout often.

9. Say No…if it’s Gods will He’ll keep bringing it back up. 

10. Don’t ever ask anyone if they are pregnant. 

11. Be compassionate. 

12. Search for the real, even if they are a a little broken. 

13. Avoid entitled people…they spread poison. 

14. Know your team is not the only team. Respect others. Don’t be a jerk. 

15. Life is too precious to worry about matching socks. 

16. Introduce yourself. Make eye contact.

17. Change can rock your world. 

18. Learn a new language. 

19. Support law enforcement, and military. 

20. Don’t talk down to people. 

21. Always speak life. 

22. Respect others beliefs and truths. But don’t ever stop living yours. 

23. Drink more water. 

24. Stop putting yourself down. 

25. Mean girls exist even as adults so avoid them. Because they are stupid and dumb. 

26. Find friends who love you on your worst days, and always show up. Be like that.

27. People that gossip to you, gossip about you. So don’t gossip. 

28. Give compliments freely, and criticism rarely. 

29. Give to the poor first.

30. See Star Wars.

31. Go to Church. And pray. 

32. Call your grandparents. 

33. Forgive someone. 

34. Sing every chance you get. 

35. Love More…you get to take Love to heaven. It’s a scientific fact.

36. Live your life. Stop living through a screen. Look up! You are missing so much. 

5:18 pm 

To God be the Glory.