Guest Post by Grace. Age 6. 

What I’ve learned about being six. People can sometimes be a little rude. People can be a little nice too. And since I am six I’m getting ready to turn seven in two days, so I know a lot of things. 

I like to be friends with people who are nice and who like to laugh. A lot. I like to laugh a lot. One of my friends is named is Lovely and she IS Lovely. So maybe her Mom will read this to her. 

Sometimes friends can be a little selfish, but even if they are selfish you should just walk away. But I always forgive people, even if I get sad. Sometimes bad stuff happens. I actually just learned to read. And I’m so excited because my birthday is in two days. And I’ll get to see my Grandma and Papa. 

I love Church. And I actually might go to church with my Papa and Grandma. I got a basketball game today- and my Nay Nay and Nicholas and Ryan came to watch me play. And during the game I stole a ball from the girl. And I did a shot before the game, and made it! My first basket. I love my Coach and her daughter is my best friend Kamai, and she has another daughter named Kaleah who is my friend too. 

I love my Mom who is my best best friend, and my Dad. And my brothers. And my sister in heaven. And my Spanish sister Marta. I love my life. 

When I grow up I want to be a person that puts on makeup. And I want to be a Mom. I might not want to have 20 kids because they would be a lot of work. And I love this blog. 💌💘💜🎼

Love Grace, because I’m awesome.