Tonight Micah received the Sacrament of First Reconciliation. 

He is his Father’s Son, so we had to go over the process multiple times. He wanted to feel prepared. He wanted to know exactly how it would go. He was so nervous. I still remember the story Dyp’s Mom told me about him getting his first school pictures…he wanted to feel prepared- so she went over the process with him multiple times so he felt confident enough to do it. I love that Micah is just like his Dad…I love that he needs to think things through when he tries something new. 

As I watched him walk up there I could see how much it took. It was a brave step for him. 

This year Micah has grown so much. He raises his hand in class, he answers questions. He is a class leader. He makes eye contact with adults, and is becoming less shy. He still has his moments, but he has grown leaps and bounds in confidence. 

At home he continues to be a light. He brings humor effortlessly, and boundless joy wherever he goes. He is easy going, and has a sweet tender heart. He holds his own in sports and is always up for a challenge. He is the worst smack talker ever…and we like it that way. 

He is finally able to take these classes at church because he has finally stayed awake during church. 

I wasn’t sure what he was taking from all of it…especially since he’d been sleeping during church for 8 years. 

But as we talked about this being the sacrament he would receive before First Communion, he began to tell me about his relationship with Jesus and I saw how he has his own relationship with God. It’s just his…as a parent it is what I long for all of of my children- to know Jesus and have a relationship with him that is all their own. 

Micah came into our lives after some of the darkest moments we’d ever faced. Every moment of his life I have been grateful, because he has been a constant reminder of what it means to find hope again. He is the kid who loves nothing more than being home with us, who gets the giggles when he’s getting in trouble, and who loves all of his siblings so completely. 

There are so many misconceptions, even among Catholics about what confession is…but in my house it is just another gift given to us, to practice and live our faith, always working towards forgiveness and Jesus. 

Tonight Micah was so excited afterwards, he couldn’t wait to tell his Dad, about how the priest Fr Bryce* gave him a prayer to pray every night. A prayer for Thanksgiving.

Today I read this quote by Saint John Paul II 

“Confession is an act of honesty and courage; an act of trusting ourselves, beyond sin, to the mercy of a loving and forgiving God.”

I just love that. 

I just Love God. 

I just Love Micah. 

He’s our son, but first and always…he’s the Father’s Son. 

to God be the Glory. 

*Fr Bryce is actually my favorite local priest to go to confession to- so I was thrilled Micah was able to go to him. He was a Anglican Pastor and converted to Catholicism. He is married and has an adult son. He has an incredible story, and I feel blessed to know him.