I never liked those hand dryers in public restrooms. I always liked the actual paper towels I would get by spinning the little handle. I can still picture the dark tan scratchy paper towels that I’d dry my hands on as a child. 

For some reason my hands seemed cleaner if I could pat them dry, rather than trusting a too loud blast of lukewarm air. To this day I’d rather just dry my hands by haphazardly wiping them on my jeans than use the dryers. 

My daughter- she loves those hand dryers. She loves to sing under them, and stand with her hands under them as she giggles. Since she was little she’s preferred them, and if she has a choice she waves her little arms in the air until the sensor starts and her hands are dry that way. 

Both of us get our hands dry, but we’re different…and that’s ok.

A few weeks ago Pope Francis came to the United States. As a Catholic it was a big huge deal. My life was changed when I was 14 when I traveled to World Youth Day when Pope John Paul the II was in Denver. Because it was a life altering experience, I saw Jesus in so many people there- and I can’t even begin to explain the miracles I saw God do in removing us from our normal and giving us a chance to just join together for Jesus. 

So when the Pope came, it was exciting, and he talked to all different groups. He is not God, he is a man who has been chosen to be head of our church…our Christian Church. And our church hasn’t been perfect- give me a church that has been run by MEN and has been? All men fail, God doesn’t. But the Pope is a cool guy. I love that he’d rather dine with the poor than with millionaires, and that he would rather wash the feet of prisoners than dignitaries. 

Why? Because His Shepard is My Shepard. Jesus. 

So afterwards I happened upon a very famous bloggers blog, Matt Walsh. He is either loved or hated, there is no in between. Quite frankly I don’t know how he does it, the guy just speaks his real and says “Bring. It. On.” The comments on his blog are crazy. And quite frankly my little anxious heart couldn’t even begin to take it if I was him. But I read his synopsis of the Popes visit, and while he didn’t agree with everything, he wrote a very nice piece. And then because it was 2 am and I couldn’t sleep I read the comments…big mistake. BIG MISTAKE. 

In the past year from reading social media I can tell you my real has been trashed up and down because we are a law enforcement family, I am pro life(because I know what it’s like to lose a child far along), and we are catholic. Who knew?! Here I am, trying desperately to share the love of God in a real way, and I haven’t spoken out about anyones beliefs or ripped them to shreds, but I have to tell you the things I read that night made me nauseous and sick. Hateful things. I’ve read a lot of hate this year. 

Of course I will be passionate about vaccines(get them), my family, and Mariners Baseball. But who am I to ever ever tell someone that because I love being Catholic makes their Christianity less real to them? Why would I search and search for the ways someone else is wrong just so I can prove myself right? 

Why would I ever choose to divide, when Jesus is all about unity? 

Why won’t I? 

Why? Because I don’t walk in their shoes.

Why? Because my shoes have enough holes. 

Why? Because if I don’t have love, I have failed. 

One of my best friends Megan and I are different. We don’t always agree on things,  but I can never imagine tearing her apart because of my beliefs- because her life is a gift and she lives it beautifully. We love our children and we love each other. Our boxes aren’t crossed the same, but I know she’d drop everything and be there for me. And I’d do the same. When I ask her to pray for me, or vice versa, we pray to the same God. 

We’re different, and that’s ok. 

A few weeks ago I called my friend Amy in panic mode in a flurry of are-we-failing-why-do-people-think-we-aren’t-Christians-why-can’t-i-find-my-keys-why-do-I-care-what-people-think-why-am-i-so-sensitive? And she was so good, so calm and didn’t miss a beat “Kristin…you are living your life for God, and the only goal I’ve ever seen you set is getting you and your kids, and your husband to heaven. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Only God.” 

Her words were clear and concise, and spoke truth. The kind of truth that I needed in that moment.  

Someday, I’m gonna die. And hopefully have an awesome funeral, with a great slideshow and a Bon Jovi song, and it will be a celebration. Seriously- I want celebration…


All that matters is that when my soul leaves this earth is that I see Him. And when I see Him, it will be the only opinion I’ll ever need. And right now, the way we are raising and leading are kids is towards Him. And that day…will be the best day.

So maybe we don’t all agree. 

But I’m not God. I’ll let Him do his job. But I will read His word and live my life working towards His will. 

As a Daughter.

 As a Wife.

 As a Mother. 

As a Sister. 

As a Christian. 

As a Catholic. 

As a Woman. 

As a Sinner. 

And I will love and pray for those who don’t love me. And I will pray for you. 

Will you pray for me? 

To OUR God. 

To God be the Glory. Only God. 

Ps. Always wash your hands…drying methods optional. 

…and never ever read the comments on controversial blogs. 

…if you’re only thinking of a response to discuss this post- you totally missed the point.