Today…I left the house at 845 am and didn’t get home until 730 pm. 

Today…I laughed with one of my closest friends in Starbucks trying to get a good selfie. 

Today…I looked up the word antagonist and for a word that rhymes with meth. 

Today…I was a Mom, an employee, a Chauffeur, and was thankful for my quesadilla maker. 

Today…I was patient with my kids, and traffic, and tonight I really miss my husband who is still at work. 

Today…I pretended I wasn’t thinking about some things that are worrying me.

Today…I listened to my entire family talk and converse in Spanish and I hardly understood a word, except I loved every minute of it. 

Today…I prayed a lot. I prayed for the things I don’t understand, and for the broken who will never understand. I prayed for the sick and the lonely. I prayed for the apathetic and empty. 

Today…I wasn’t the thinnest or prettiest, I wasn’t the best at anything. I wasn’t mother of the year, and I didn’t finish the laundry…again. 

Today…I didn’t long for the past, or wish for anything different. 

Today…I was just here. And it was enough. For today. 

Today…I was thankful for you.