Two weeks ago I gave up a meeting at work I had led for almost 10 years. It was after months of prayer and trying to juggle. The decision was not made lightly. 

Last night I sat in the bleachers watching Jonah’s baseball game alone. His Dad and I battle it out on who gets to go, because it’s a practice league and on cold nights one goes– and the other one stays home or does kid duties. I sat and watched, and looked out at the field. I wished in that moment my life was like “The Field of Dreams.” How nice it would be if God would just tell me what the next step is. 

Maybe He could whisper through the breeze, or write something on the board above the time at the baseball field. But the breeze stopped right as I thought about it, and the board remained black. 

I kind of wish I knew the next part to my story. 

A nudge. That’s what God gives me. 

 I get the nudges. 

My decision two weeks ago may only seem big to me…

But it was important one. 
I had invested a lot time and care with my members of that meeting over the years. It was the first one I led. I care deeply about their success. But ultimately there wasn’t really a choice when I felt the nudge. 

And I will always choose them. 

Daniel cried when I told him I was taking him to soccer.  

 So maybe there hasn’t been words in the sky. Or a voice. Maybe I don’t know what happens next. 

But I’m listening to the nudges. And right now, there’s no place I’d rather be…