Grace: Mommy why do you write a blog? 

Me: because I feel like I have things to write that people might want to read. 

Grace: Like what? 

Me: Like Real Stories about how we all feel. What is real to you Grace?

Grace: Mommy, Daddy, the brothers, Candy, beautiful things, and most definitely Jesus. Also Barbies, learning to swim and read. 

Me: Sometimes, It’s hard having a blog. Because I don’t know what to write or I’m scared people won’t like what I say. 

Grace: Well then just say…you get to wear make up when you’re sick. 

Grace is sick and wearing a full face of makeup. And I wrote in my blog. 

God gives me Grace…with lip gloss and eye shadow, and mascara and blush. And a whole lotta wonderful EVEN with a fever.