Grace took this picture of me today when I was at our godson Nate’s Lemonade stand. Look close enough and you will see my best friends face. 


Amy was Jonah’s first word, after Mama and Dada…she would sit with him and knock two blocks together until he could say it…”A…my.” 

We met when we were 16. 

We bonded over Baby Sitter Clubs books, cool t shirts, and how we voluntarily would always be a little different. 

She is the coolest person I know. There is no one I know that even touches on the immense  coolness factor she creates. 

The most giving. Even when people take and take, she will continue to give openly and freely. 

She is so appreciative. Of people. Of others. 

She is so brave. She got sober almost 14 years ago…and she never looked back. I stand in awe always and forever of that. The day she changed the course of her life with courage. 

She has about a million BFF’s…but it’s because everyone wants to be her friend. Everyone. 

I love the way she bounces when she walks, when her hair is curly and messy in a bun, with her maxi skirt and flip flops. I love the way her eyes smile. And I love the way she laughs. 

When I saw this picture and I looked closer I saw my laugh lines, I’m so proud of them. Amy has contributed to so many happy days of my life. And big days…She was the first person to know I was pregnant with Daniel(Dyp was on duty). She is the only person I’ve ever flashed my boob at during a water aerobics class. She has farted on me. We have laughed so hard we’ve peed our pants. She was the one who came to my house after we lost Mary and helped me pack away all my baby stuff and all my maternity things…and then brought me clothes to the hospital when I was in labor on the saddest day of my life. She danced with me at my wedding on her birthday, and I danced with her on hers. She always prays for me. Always. 

I am so thankful for her. So so thankful…

If you ever meet her you’ll want to be her friend…you’ll think she’s funny, charismatic, and you’ll want to buy anything she’s selling. But look closer and you will see one of the most radiant people you will ever meet. 

Happy (almost) Birthday Amy. Thank you for being in my life.