Life. Happens. 

And once in a while you realize your kids have been documenting the little things…

Grace took this picture of Jonah making her a sandwich. But seriously?! Who is that huge person? When did he become all tall and stuff, and teenager looking??? 

After she documented his act of service…she took a selfie(or10), 


Then Daniel made a Virgin Mary on his finger…

And Micah got really into his lipsync solo. I mean really. 


Lately I’ve had the strong urge to remember all these little things because they really are the big things to me…a brother helping his little sister. A little sister capturing it and then giving her Mona Lisa one dimpled look with her messy hair. A child who is always himself and so creative. And the reminder to dance and lip sync and give it your all…every single time. 

Every single day we have a chance to get into life…really into it. 

The little things. The big things. The real things. 

Life Happens. Really.