So often, I wish she had a sister to play with.  Share clothes, and whisper with. 

So often, I wish she could have someone to play barbies with for hours or house. 

So often, I wish someone appreciated the shows she practices for in her room, and the glittery dresses she parades in. 

Who gets why she changes 12 times a day. 

Because really I’d love them to change into clean clothes…everyday.

But they don’t. They will play with her, but never as long as she likes. They usually make too many jokes during Barbies. They’ll be a part of her dance shows but Micah and Daniel  will always stage a wrestling match right in the middle and then someone gets hurt. They try to include her, but usually they are too big, and she ends up on the sidelines watching. 

She sings too loud. 

She wears too much glitter. 

She wrote her name in huge letters surrounded with hearts on Daniel’s arm during our roadtrip when he wasn’t looking…”ON PURPOSE!” He yelled to me, as she didn’t even bat an eye “of course it was on purpose…” 

But at the same time…

There is this. 

She is their little sister. 

She is the one they protect. 

They kill spiders in her room. 

They carry her inside when she falls. 

They always watch her shows. 

They notice her hair and compliment her, even if it means sometimes she has to remind them to.

She knows that no matter what- they will always hold her hand. 

And be there. 

So often, I think about what she doesn’t get to have…but God reminds me of Who she always has. 

She has them. 

They have each other.