Three words that describe my Grandmother perfectly. 

Today we stood and celebrated someone who encompasses these qualities so naturally and beautifully. 85 years old. 

I have tried all day to think of ways I could describe her and give her justice, and for some reason the words can’t even be formed to made sense. 

But today we celebrated her. 

With a plastic crown on her head and a flowered necklace we celebrated her. 

A revolving door of her cousins, neighbors, lifelong friends, grandchildren, great grandchildren, her own children, and her sister came and celebrated her. 

My grandmother believes in Goodness of God, even as life slows her down. She has grieved her husband. She has grieved a child. She worries enough for all of us, and even today when her eye sight has been almost completely stolen she wants to take care of everyone. She wants to make sure that everyone is ok. 

I cry every time I say goodbye to her. Because I love her so much. Because I love being with her.  Because I don’t call her enough and I don’t see her enough. And Because her faith without eyesight, and her joy when she can’t do the things she longs to do is humbling for me- as I take short cuts in my faith at times- or ask God to make my life easier. 

I hope today she realizes how loved she is. I hope she realizes what a gift her life has been. But knowing her she will want to make sure everyone knows how loved they are, how glad she was that they came…she will make it all about everyone else. 

But today she wore her crown. And we celebrated her. ❤️ I love her so, and hope I am even half the person she is someday.