“Do not fear I will, I will help you…” Isaiah 41:13

It’s a magical place to take swim lessons. When you walk through and close the gate it’s like going back in time. The sun is bright. It’s not crowded. There are old white lawn chairs and big white umbrellas. The life guards sit high and watches everything. And the swim instructors teach little small classes. Everyone seems happy.

We have taken lessons there every summer since I was pregnant with Grace. 

Except for last summer. 

This summer we signed up and got there early. As the chain link fence clanged shut and my flip flops barely touched the hot cement they started calling all our names. They remembered the kids, even Jonah who has long since graduated from swim lessons. They asked the kids about school, remember little details. So familiar and safe. 

It was like coming home. 

My 11 year old has always excelled at everything ahletically…but swimming hasn’t come naturally. Every summer he was told the few things he needed to do- and every summer he fought going to lessons. The instructors said one day it would click. He has the technique. He has the cardio strength. But there was something stopping him. While the other kids would jump and splash- he would stand back and think before he got in.

Until this year…this year he jumped right in. After the first class they told me he could graduate to the most advanced class. After the second week they asked him to join their summer swim team. Whatever it was clicked.

And it has reminded me how matter where we are at, or whatever we are scared of…if we keep trying, if we keep getting out there – even when we wait a little longer to jump in, even if that means we have to hold our breathe a minute and exhale every ounce of fear and just fake brave…we just need one day. One day, it clicks. One day it all comes together. And sometimes we have to wait for it. 

I asked him what was different this year- and he said he trusted God would give him strength. How often do we forget to trust the source of all our Brave? How often do we place our pounding hearts into our fears, rather than the One who calms them. 

As I watched him run and leap, and jump off the diving board his face was so Free. 

He knows the Lord, his God.

He knows the Lord, our God.

It’s a faith he jumps towards. 

It’s the best kind of brave.

It’s the best kind of trust. 

It’s the best kind of coming home.