Today we had a few moments where we had to talk about kindness with each other. We’ve done a lot of time outs and “why don’t you sit in your room and think about that AND when I’m ready to hear why you thought the manner in which you are speaking to your siblings was okay I’ll call you down.” I was not that eloquent. 

We all want to say Not My Kid. But what if it is our kid? 

I know what my kids are doing. And I know they know what I expect. And I expect a lot. But I also know they are going to mess up. And we are going to have coming to Jesus moments. See? Plural- no kid is perfect. 

And recently one of my kids had to deal with someone who has repeatedly been mean to them…and it’s hard and as much as I tell them to advocate stand up for themselves…I don’t think the parents have any idea. 

But I do know we have had a lot of opportunities to talk about how we will treat others in our home. And how important it is to be a good friend. A real friend. 

I have no advice here. Because someday it may be my kids. But this I know. Please talk to your kids on how to treat others. Know how they treat others. Observe them. 

Even as they get older- engage with them and make sure they know how to not be a jerk. And teach them the beauty of a kind heart. 

Words are powerful. And so are actions. If your child sees someone being mean- they should STAND up and be a voice. And they should know that you believe in them to be that voice. 

They should be brave. And so should we. 

My kids aren’t perfect. They are awesome and beautiful, and flawed. 

Be aware not just if your kid is a punk but if your kid is being bullied. 

Show them kindness and teach them how to be kind. All the time. 

Teach them how to be a leader. The best kind of leader. Not a politician. Not a dictator. But someone who is willing to put themselves out there for someone else- to use their voice. And know their parents will be right there…believing in their brave.
I don’t think that my kids shit rainbows, but a lot of parents do. 

Stop that. 

We all poop. And it all stinks. 

 And anyway my friend Dana told me shitting rainbows just kills your colon. 

So there’s that…