In honor of National Police Week…and in honor of my family…we see you. 

He had court this am. Came home and had a call out and just got another. 

This past year his life has been threatened. 

Our family has been threatened. 

He gets up. He goes. 

He is a man in Honor. We see you. 

He is the love of my life. He is my soul mate, and every day I trust him to a city where people call him names, where he is judged because he wears a badge. 

We see you. 


I won’t stop…because my best friends husband was killed in the line of duty. 

I won’t stop…because our president and our media continue to strengthen a divide- by sending people to a funeral and not supporting the man fighting for his life. There I said it.

I won’t stop…because for every profession there is someone who has abused it, but the REAL peace makers- the ones who put their lives on the line so you can sit at home and have your glass of wine and watch your reality TV show while I clean my house…just in case. Just in case- Mark or Pat shows up because they are “my people” designated to show up…if the worse happens. 

I won’t stop…because I have planned his funeral but I will fight for his safety. Against ignorance. Against agendas. 

I won’t stop…because I love my country. And  I love my husband. And I love my God. And his life matters.

I won’t stop…Because I see Him. 

I saw him hold our children for the first time. And I saw him cry on the altar next to me when we got married. I saw him and knew I would marry him when I was 16. I saw him feed his grandmother last month, and I see him playing catch with our children. I have seen him buy a birthday cake for a girl who was in jail on her birthday and didn’t have anyone remember. I watched him hold our Angel baby and cry. And I have been there for every call out and heard him drop everything to help someone in need and I know that he is the best person I’ve ever known.