Today we looked at the view…

Maybe our view was at work as we thanked God for having a job we love. Maybe it was being smothered and loved by runny noses and wide open smiles. Maybe our view was appointments, waiting, being placed. Taking pictures of messy beautiful baby hair, and our babies getting too big, and cursing potty training. 

Our view was getting braces after 58 years, and driving down the road with our son’s Church shirt drying before school. 

Our view was looking out, looking in, and looking around. 

Today as I fixed my little Grace’s hair, I was struck by how fast the view can pass us by when we’re too busy focusing on the parts we can’t see. The parts that are too far beyond our eyes. 

Sometimes we just need to pause and refocus on the view right in front of us. It’s not always easy- or where we want to be in the moment but maybe we’re in that moment for a reason. Maybe God has given us this view for a dose of perspective and pause…and when He thinks we’re ready, we can see beyond. 

But for now…this is OUR view. And it’s beautiful. And painful. And bitter sweet, and a blessing, and Ours.